Karim, A Lotus (Story of success)

This is an excerpt from one of my books. A few readers reached out asking me to share a preview.

Standing on the balcony of his room, lost in happy thoughts
about his recent grades, Karim felt rain drops begin to fall on his
He lifted his face and closed his eyes,
allowing himself to wander down the trail of his dreams as he
reveled in the feel of the rain on his face.
Just as the monsoon season brings new
hope and dreams to the lives of farmers, so too did his score card
bring Karim a similar sense of joy and he shivered in anticipation
of what his future would soon unfold for him.
I love the monsoon season this year, he
thought. I know I will receive bliss and abundance this
As these thoughts crossed his mind, he
was dragged back to reality by the sound of someone calling his
name from downstairs.
“Karim?” his mother called
out. “Karim, your lunch is ready!”
With a smile he turned from the balcony
and headed back inside. He bounded down the stairs two at a time
and, smiling at his mother, he slid into a chair at the
His mother set a plate in front of him
and he hurriedly wolfed down two[…]”

“his friend’s house and show him
his score card. He knew that Raji would be happy for him, and as
Raji only lived in an adjacent neighborhood, even with the rain it
shouldn’t be a very difficult ride on his bike.
“Mom, I’m going to Raji’s
place to show him my scores,” Karim said, finishing the last of his
curry. His mother smiled and nodded at him as she picked up his
empty plate. He knew she was proud of him, and it gave him a warm,
pleasant feeling.
Karim ran back upstairs and grabbed his
score card and, after running downstairs again, he waved at his mom
on his way out of the house. Grabbing his bike he started down the
road, happily thinking about what Raji would say when he saw his
score card.
It was a long ride to his friend’s
house and as he cycled down the bumpy city roads he thought with
pleasure about what he would tell Raji as he showed him his
Raji will be so happy to see this, he
thought. And after I show it to him we can go and grab a cup of
tea. This time, I’ll[…]”

“Kaka turned to help another customer
and Karim let his thoughts wander again. Drifting off into a
reverie, he mused about his situation as he waited for his
I am seventeen now and I just finished
tenth grade. It’s time for me to go on to senior class. Maybe
I’ll go for mathematics as my specialization, he thought. But I
want to finish school quickly so I can start working. I want to
have a decent career.
He was so caught up in his dreams of
the future that he was paying no attention to anything
“Karim beta, (son) your tea
is ready!” called Kaka, grinning broadly at his young, daydreaming
Karim grinned back at Kaka unabashedly
as he accepted his cup of tea. Sipping it gingerly he studied the
new tea cups Kaka had recently bought for his special customers. He
smiled and nodded at Kaka to let him know how much he appreciated
the gesture. As he started munching on the cookies with pleasure he
thought again about Raji.
After a while, it became apparent that
Raji would not be showing up at the tea stall, so Karim decided to
head back over to[…]”

“Karim had no option but to accept what
Raji was saying, and as the boys continued to talk, he realized
that he was okay with his friend’s decision.
They talked for a while longer until
Karim told Raji he needed to get home. As he rode his bike back
over the muddy road he thought about what Raji had told him.
Although at first he had not really liked the thought that his
friend would no longer be attending the same school, he realized
that it wasn’t the end of the world either.
Later that night, Karim sat at the
dining table with his family. As he was dipping a piece of pita
into some humus, he looked up at his father with a very serious
look on his face.
“Papa, I have something to
tell you,” he began. His father stilled and peered searchingly at
Karim, looking as though he expected to hear some dire
It was all that Karim could do not to
start smiling, but he kept his face totally blank until his mother
said, “Karim!”
Then, laughing he told his father about
his scores.
His father smiled broadly then. “Good
job son!” He said[…]”

Excerpt From
Karim … A Lotus
Neeraj Sabharwal
This material may be protected by copyright.



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