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Welcome to "Better You" - my first letter to you (gift for you)

Published 21 days ago • 1 min read

Issue #1

Make that change

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I will be focusing on

"Technology, Growth and Entrepreneurship"

Technology: AI is the elephant in the room. But not for the reasons you might think. We're not just talking about automation or job displacement anymore. The landscape has shifted. It's about making smarter and better data driven decision using AI. Enterprises are actively seeking ways to blend AI seamlessly into their existing technology stack.

2 top articles to validate my point:

Growth: Overnight success is a myth, especially in sales. Imagine planting a seed. You water it, ensure it gets enough sun, and then... you wait. Sales operate on the same principle. It's about nurturing relationships, understanding needs, and aligning solutions. The process demands patience.

Watch out for my gift to you. I will share a pdf link to download, Founder Led Sales quick guide

Entrepreneurship: Anyone can launch a company – a domain and an EIN are all it takes. But the real challenge lies in running it. Here's the harsh truth: debt, both technical and organizational, is the hidden trap almost every founder falls into. False promises and rushed hiring only pave the path to long-term failure. Here's my advice, based on working with countless founders: Don't be desperate when it comes to building your team.

Here's why:

  • Technical Debt: Taking shortcuts to launch can lead to a codebase riddled with complexities. Fixing this later becomes expensive and time-consuming.
  • Organizational Debt: Hiring the wrong people just to fill seats creates a messy, inefficient structure. The right talent takes time and careful consideration.

Focus on building a solid foundation first. Invest in clean code, hire strategically, and avoid the debt trap. This sets you up for sustainable growth and long-term success.

See you next week!

From my heart, San Francisco, CA
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Author, Tech-nerd & Startup Growth Strategist

Neeraj Sabharwal

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