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The path to sharing your voice in public is fraught with challenges that test not just your creativity and resilience but also your ability to stay strong towards your mission. The mission of helping others.

Among these challenges, the resistance from people who don’t want to see you succeed—whether due to skepticism, envy, or mere disbelief in your potential—can be particularly disheartening.

Criticism and Underestimation: The Unwelcome Companions

When I embarked on my journey, armed with a passion for sharing my insights and a belief in the power of digital platforms to amplify voices, I encountered a spectrum of reactions.

Criticism, often veiled in concern, swiftly emerged as a steady companion.

“Are you sure you’re cut out for this?” they’d ask.

It seemed like no matter how much effort I put into my content, there were always individuals ready to point out flaws or dismiss my aspirations as whimsical.

Even more challenging was the underestimation from those around me.

Despite my dedication and the quality of content I was producing, some people simply couldn't envision me in the role of an influencer.

This skepticism often came from the least expected places: friends, colleagues, and sometimes, family members. Their reluctance to accept my new identity as a public figure with something valuable to share was, at times, more daunting than the impersonal hurdles of algorithm changes or content ideation.

The Turning Point: A Personal Anecdote

One of the most poignant moments in my early days was realizing that the very people I interacted with daily were the ones least likely to engage with my content. Posts that I crafted with care and thoughtfulness were met with silence or casual indifference from my immediate circle. It sparked a moment of reckoning for me.

Was my voice not relevant, or was it that they were not prepared to acknowledge the burgeoning influencer in their midst?

This period of reflection brought me to a crucial realization: the issue was not with my content or its worth but with the perception barriers ingrained in those around me. They were not ready to accept the transformation from the person they knew to the new "Better You" I was becoming, championing ideas and sharing perspectives on a public platform.

Rising Above: Strategies for Overcoming Resistance

Staying Consistent

Against the tide of doubt, staying consistent became my anchor. I understood that the visibility of an influencer is not built overnight nor swayed by transient opinions. My commitment to posting daily was not just about maintaining an online presence; it was a testament to my dedication to my craft and my audience.

Turning a Deaf Ear

Learning to selectively tune out negativity was another weapon in my arsenal. While constructive criticism is the bedrock of growth, baseless negativity only serves to detract from one’s purpose. Focusing on those who found value in my content, rather than expending energy on detractors, allowed me to channel my resources more productively.

Focusing on a Bigger Purpose

Ultimately, the realization that my influencer aspirations were linked to a purpose greater than societal acceptance propelled me forward. The aim was not merely to gain followers but to impact lives, share knowledge, and foster a community of like-minded individuals. This vision was impervious to the naysayers and doubters.

The Journey Continues

The challenges posed by those unwilling to see you succeed are but hurdles in the grander scheme.

Overcoming them requires resilience, selectivity in the criticisms we heed, and an unwavering focus on the broader goals that define our foray into the world of influence.

For those on a similar path, remember that every illustrious career in influence began with a single post, a solitary follower, and a steadfast belief in one’s message.

The voices of doubt, both external and internal, will quieten with each milestone reached, transforming skepticism into reluctant admiration and, eventually, genuine respect.

Keep sharing, keep influencing!

Stop giving a f**k what other thinks of you! :)

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